Ariana Grande albums ranked

Ariana Grande has came across so much in her musical career, and all of her albums have been a hit and a success, and I am so happy for her! After everything that has happened to her, with the bombing, getting cheated on, and the boyfriend that she did love die, it seemed like bad luck was going to be her best friend, but no. She has been doing wonderful for herself and she is becoming more tough then she was before. We love the see the progress!! But lets talk about her all of her famous albums. She started her first album with Yours Truly and her newest album positions. 2 of my favorites, but lets rank all of her albums

#6. — Thank U, Next (2019)

Favorite Track: “Ghostin”

Least Favorite Track: Break Up With Your Girlfriend Im Bored

Now I know 100 that yall are going to roast me for this, but Thank U, Next was one of the worst albums that Ariana Grande has put out. Now I would not say that I literally dont like every single song on it, I did not like some of the songs. And believe me I like a good amount of songs from the album, but there is also a good amount of songs from the album that were a little bit decent, and some were just bad.. Now I will say when I heard Ghostin for the first time, I did not get it and I did not like it. But after listening to it about 5 times over, I started vibin to the song. Its sad, but its also a beautiful melody about losing somebody that was very close to you. I know how that feels. Its a great song for you to get in your feelings with, and its a great song to cry to. And thats not the only song that I like. I loved NASA, Imagined, 7 rings, and Thank U, Next. But the other songs are just not very vibe worthy in my list, thats why it has earned the spot of the worst album she has put out, even though it was one of her most successful albums that she has put out. I just didnt like it as much as I would like to do. Please dont send hate, and if you disagree with me, then put it in the comments.

#5. — Yours Truly (2013)

Favorite song : Tattooed Heart

Least Favorite Track: Piano

Now one of Grandes least successful albums were Yours Truly. Even though I liked it more then Thank U, Next.. That does not make no sense at all! But somehow its true. I loved Yours Truly more then I loved her most successful album that she ever put out. The notes, and production on this album is just one of the best out of all of albums she has put out, except for Dangerous Woman. Dangerous Woman got Yours Truly beat in production, but thats prolly it. Except for the high notes. But I definitely like Dangerous Woman better then Yours Truly. Enough said.

#4 — Dangerous Woman (2016)

Favorite track: I Dont Care

Least Favorite Track: Let Me Love You

What do I have to say about this album its great! The production on this album is one of the best, and not only that but she showcases her vocals more in this album. The violin and the piano are 2 of the most used in this album and I live for that idea. Ariana showed how dangerous she is with this album. Its one of the first albums that showed her nasty side. Positions skyrocketed with that, but in my case Dangerous Woman was the origin of Ariana’s sexual side, and that I really rock with.

#3 — My Everything (2014)

Favorite Track: Intro

Least Favorite Track: Break Free ft Zedd

One of her sad albums, Grande really took a toll on us when she mentioned that the main song in there (My Everything) was originally for her deceased grandfather. Ariana like most kids was very close to her grandfather and she cried buckets when she found out he passed. But not only that song but almost all of the songs except for Break Free made the album. Like for instance, lets take the intro for example. Its short, sad, and melodic. That was an amazing way to start the album. And then we get one of the most iconic songs she has ever made Problem. The only song that I did not like from the album was Hands On Me, and Why Try. Those 2 songs brought the album down on the scale for being one of the best.

#2 — Positions (2020)

Favorite Track: Someone Like U

Least Favorite Track: Motive Ft Doja Catt

POSITIONS was the hype of 2020, and it really brought Grande on the top of the list. The songs from positions were all a bop honestly, but the one thing that brought the album down was the song Motive Ft Doja. It did not bop. I felt like Ariana Grande’s part was much more better then Doja. But I can say one thing about Positions. It ranked #1 when she came out with those extra songs and remixes. And I am in awe with her son Worst Behavior and Someone Like U!! They were absolutely brilliant in my eyes, and those 2 songs were what really brought POSITIONS to where it was. Granted that she has more then 4 million streams on Spotify, and much more then that. But thanks to the new songs… She really proved herself. And I was 100% impressed with it.

#1 — Sweetner (2019)

Favorite Track: Get Well Soon.

I dont have a least favorite track. I love all of them!!!

Sweetner made Ariana Grande, I am so sorry if you disagree. From the beginning to the end, everything about Sweetner just made me scream AWESOME! Now one thing that is wrong with the album is that one of the most beautiful songs named Get Well Soon was so pushed off. Nobody even recognizes the beauty within the song. It says how when you have problems with your mental health, she is there to cure you. And people dont see nothing in it. It makes me angry to see such an amazing song getting sleeped on by the public. But thats basically the only thing wrong with the album. Now I wasent feeling The Light Is Coming when I first heard it, but when I started paying attention to the melodies, I knew what it really was. And Blazed was already adored by me, so… Yeah you guys! Thank you for looking at my ranked Ariana Grande songs. When we are older believe me these songs are going to be nostaliga, I mean they already are lmao!

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